Arriving in Prague on a blistering summer evening, we were forced to rush through the city in an effort to experience as much of the diverse culture of the Czech Capitol as possible during our brief time in the city. A beautiful city unlike anywhere in the world, Prague is among my top recommendations for any traveller seeking an ancient city with a unique feel and a remarkable amount of culture to experience, even in a short time.



A bit of dusky traffic outside the Dancing House.

The famous “Dancing House” designed by famed architect Vlado Milunić with Frank Gehry in 1992.

The Charles Bridge.

The Charles Bridge is the site of some 30 statues, forming the sides of a pathway down the center of the bridge.

The bridge is also populated by large numbers of beggars, asking for some small consideration from the hordes of tourists crossing the bridge to Prague Castle.

After crossing the Charles Bridge and ascending the steep, winding streets towards the castle, tourists are rewarded with a magnificent view of the city.

St. Vitus Cathedral

A guard stands watch at an entrance gate as the castle grounds are closed for the evening.

The moon appears in the distance over the castle walls.

Prague Castle by night.

After historic flooding throughout Europe, Prague has prepared itself for the worst in many areas.

The areas surrounding the Charles Bridge are a vibrant collage of nighttime activities for many. And a convenient napping location for others.

Prague by night.

A taxit speeds by in the darkened street.

Praguers boarding a late-night trolley.

A poorly-focused man watches the camera.

The late streets of Prague.

This blurry trolley was the result of an accidental shutter press, but still manages to capture the mood of late nights in the city.

Mystery building, thought that it was a water closet, but all doors were locked, and there were park-living men sharing a needle behind it.

An entrance to the historic Jewish Cemetary in Prague.

The view through the bars of the Cemetary door.

A glimpse in the life of Europe’s thriving pigeon population.

In the middle of a Main Street through a major shopping district, a pole-vaulter propels herself towards the mid-day sun.

– T.S.


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