Every time I travel to some new place, I always have a plan to document my experiences. I take photos of things that catch my attention much like every tourist on vacation, but when I get home those images remain on my computer, sometimes for years, only seen by me as I cull through periodically, attempting to reclaim a bit of hard drive. Each image means something to me however, each one has a story to tell or a memory to spark. So here is my solution: I am actually going to do something with those images this time. This site is simply a place for me to post a few images from my travels, and attempt to tell a few stories. It exists solely for me, as a place that I hope to revisit when I haven’t been anywhere new in awhile, and as a place to inspire me to continue seeking new places and experiences. I plan to update as often as I am able, wherever I travel.

Feel free to email tyler@thisvagabondlens.com with any questions, suggestions for places we should visit, or restaurant recommendations 🙂


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